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Summer 2004
The Coming Player Lockout means changes for Marc
by Rory S. Brown

The coming Player Lockout by the NHL owners means a lot of players are being left on the sidelines wondering about their future. The Blues did not pick up Marc's option therefore he is free to go where ever he likes. This is true of many NHL and AHL players as the NHL teams cut payroll costs. It is strange the Blues would let him go when many teams were interested in trading for him in the near past but Larry Pleau refused to trade him? Now they get nothing when they could of had something?

Marc goes to Germany
Marc flies to Germany on August 14th to start training camp for his new team, the Augsburg Panthers of the German Elite League (DEL). Marc is excited to start playing in Germany this year. The coming NHL Lockout has meant a lot of players are trying to get into this league so it is quite an honor to be picked by a team when only a few imports are allowed and there are so many to choose from this year. The German Elite League is well known as one of the highest ranked European Elite leagues
being on par with the Swiss Elite league for quality and prestige. Marc's goal is to be in the NHL but with the coming lockout, it is hard to turn down a quality offer which involves playing on a bigger ice surface, with only 52 regular season games, and receiving a better compensation package. Follow the German Elite League through the web site.
Goodbye to Worcester
Marc wishes to thank all of his fans and the people of Worcester for their support over the past 5 years. Marc finishes his Icecat career ranked 3rd all-time on the IceCats franchise list with 160 points, 79 goals (franchise high) and 81 assists in 303 games. In 2001/02 Marc was named IceCats Most Improved Player. He also set IceCat franchise records with a team leading 14 power play goals and 30 goals for a left winger. Also, he led the team and was 4th in the League with 295 shots.


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