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 Spring 2003
No Marc for the 2003 Playoffs

Marc's late season shoulder injury meant he wasn't available for the 2003 Playoffs. Unfortunately the injuries to Marc, Terry Virtue, and Reinhard Divis contributed to the first round playoff exit of three straight games for this years Icecats.

A Look to the Future
Marc has put his disappointing 2002/2003 season behind him and is looking forward to being home this summer. He will be working hard all summer on various programs to increase his overall hockey capabilities. Marc's overall abilities make him very capable of playing in the NHL but it is up to the St. Louis Blues management to decide on the team mix of players for the upcoming season.  Let's all hope that Marc is given the real opportunity that he deserves to play in the NHL's 2003/2004 season.
Season Record
Last year Marc set a team record for Power Play goals but this year he wasn't given enough opportunities to better it due to managements change in direction, ill-timed injuries, and some really bizarre other situations. Marc was a Player of the month once this year and tied a team record for consecutive points by one player in a row. Marc is only 2 goals off of being the Icecats all time leading goal scorer but due to his late season injuries, he was unable to get the chance to set the record.


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